The Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service is a portfolio of AIM shares that combines the tax benefits of ISAs (tax-free income and growth) with the inheritance tax protection which some AIM shares benefit from.

Following the appointment of James Brearley as the replacement custodian for Reyker Securities, we have updated the literature for the Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service. These have replaced the previous versions so please ensure you use the latest application forms for any new investments.

Unicorn Asset Management

Unicorn is a specialist AIM, small and mid-cap manager, investing in AIM stocks since 2000. About a quarter of the £1.4 billion Unicorn manages is in AIM stocks, which they have been investing in since 2000.

Unicorn has a well-resourced, committed and highly experienced investment team with approximately 100 years combined experience. 

The Unicorn AIM IHT portfolios were launched in 2016 and are managed by Chris Hutchinson, who is also the lead manager for the Unicorn AIM VCT. The IHT portfolios often invests in businesses Unicorn has known for years and which were previously backed by the VCT.

Among the dross there are some great businesses. But you have to filter through the ones that over-promise, under-deliver, burn through cash or are too specialist. Whittle them down to around 40 and you stand a good chance of getting some decent returns.

Chris Hutchinson,
Unicorn Asset Management

Want to know more?

To find out more about how to invest in the Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service or if you have any other questions, please contact our dedicated team at LightTower Partners on:


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Investing via platforms

The Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service is also available to access via a number of wrap platforms. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.