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Retirement Investment Solutions

WM Capital Management have designed intelligent investment solutions for retirement.

These allow advisers to provide a totally bespoke solution that can be tailored to the client’s risk profile and take into account changing income requirements over time. These solutions are both robust and offer protection against the worst market falls.

The academic model behind the WM Retirement Investment Solutions has been created by Professors Stephen Thomas and Andrew Clare from Cass Business School and Professor Peter Smith of the University of York. These three specialists are regarded as international leaders in investment strategy, with a large global following of their research papers. The investment process they have created has been back-tested over many years and has been successfully used to drive live portfolios over the past seven years. It is a totally unique approach and is based on years of high-quality independent research.

Upon retirement, however, the potential requirement for an income, regardless of whether markets have risen or fallen, means that any significant losses experienced in the early years may be hard to make up. There will be less left in the pot to benefit from future gains and as the average life expectancy continues to go up, so does the potential for the money to run out.

This research suggests that investors might receive 75% of the upward movement of markets, but only 25% of the downward movements. This is not a guarantee of performance, but rather an indicator of what an investor might expect to receive in terms of relative results.

WM Capital has taken the investment strategy created by Stephen, Andrew, and Peter and with the use of its market expertise, has created a solution that is designed to help ensure that your clients’ income in retirement lasts as long as they do.

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