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Investing via Transact

Step 1 – Agreement

An Investment Agreement between the Adviser and WM Capital Management is completed. WM Capital Management will notify Transact and instruct access to the Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolios.

Step 3 – Instruction

Once the agreements are in place, an instruction to invest the client’s money into the desired Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio is made by the Adviser. This can be done either by:

– Completing Transact’s Dealing (T003) form and sending it directly to Transact.

– Linking the wrapper to the desired Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio using Transact’s ‘Template Links’ function and then instructing Transact to invest in the linked portfolio by completing a ‘Template Rebalance’.

– Sending a secure email instruction to Transact.

Step 2 – Appointment

The Adviser’s Client completes Transact’s Appointment – Third Party (TP002) form and sends it directly to Transact at their head office: Integrated Financial Arrangements Plc, 29 Clement’s Lane, London, EC4N 7AE.

Step 4 – Management

Once the instruction to invest into the Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio has been completed by the Adviser, the portfolio will be managed by WM Capital Management in accordance with the Investment Agreement. Changes to the portfolio holdings are completed on a discretionary basis.