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Today the revolution that is going on around us is built on renewable energy, the Internet, and the democratisation of finance through crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and electronic wallets. Internet companies are now the largest in the world: biotechnology is hugely exciting for healthcare: and artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are likely to be game changers in our society.

Our belief is that these developments will present investors with unique and exciting opportunities. Our focus with the Industrial Revolution Portfolio is to capture these opportunities for the benefit of our clients. The first two industrial revolutions transformed our society. Both were driven by three common denominators: a new energy source, a new communications system and a new financial system. In the first instance it was coal as the energy source, mass education the communications, and the London Stock Exchange the  financial system. In the second revolution, oil replaced coal as the primary energy source, the telephone was the communication, and the limited liability corporation was the catalyst for many businesses.

We believe that we are in the midst of the Third Industrial Revolution, although the mainstream press refers to it now as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution included personal computing, the internet and the digital revolution: the Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Third Industrial Revolution and includes breakthroughs such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, The Internet of Things (IoT), 3-D printing and autonomous vehicles.  Whereas we believe the Third Industrial Revolution never stopped, we do not believe we will change the terminology used by the establishment. Therefore, we decided to change the name of the portfolio from Third Industrial Revolution to Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in 2018.

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