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The Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service

Unicorn Asset Management is one of the leading investment managers specialising in investing in the AIM market. We approached them to create a solution for a common problem – how to pass on ISA holdings to the next generation without paying inheritance tax on death. We had found that existing solutions had the following problems:

  • They focussed on the inheritance tax savings and not the investment management of the portfolios as well.
  • They were not available on wrap platforms.
  • They did not offer an income option so clients could not continue to take a tax free income from their ISAs.

The Unicorn AIM IHT & ISA Portfolio Service will invest the ISA and non-ISA funds into a carefully selected portfolio of AIM-listed companies that have passed Unicorn Asset Management’s proven and rigorous selection process. The portfolios are ACTIVELY managed, available on some of the leading platforms and can pay out the naturally generated income. As long as your client holds the shares in the ISA for at least two years, at the time of death the investments should be 100% exempt from IHT.

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