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The TB Elite Strategic Fund is an FCA-Regulated investment fund launched in 2004 and managed by WM Capital Management Ltd since 2016.

About the Fund

The TB Elite Strategic Fund has been designed to invest a diverse portfolio of high-quality funds from expert fund managers across a range of asset classes in order to protect and growth the wealth of our investors.

Fund Objective

The Fund aims to provide returns in excess of deposit accounts and inflation (based on the CPI) over the medium to long-term (3-5 years) through investing in collective investment schemes that invest in a range of asset classes including UK and global equities, fixed income securities and cash. It focuses on investing in high-quality funds that are potential beneficiaries of demographic and economic changes.


The Fund was established in 2004 by David Stephenson, a professional financial adviser and investment manager. David felt that his investors deserved access to expert financial management both in terms of the service he provided as a financial adviser, but also in terms of the truly professional active management that could only be achieved by investing in a fund like this.

The concept was simple, David wanted to be able to independently handpick the best investments from a wider investment universe and to be able to manage these in a regulated fund whereby investments could be bought and sold in nimble manner with the benefit of real-time professional dealing. By doing this, the costs may be marginally higher than buying a portfolio of cheap funds but the upside and benefits could be far greater – the fund would not be the cheapest but the belief was that ‘cheap is rarely the best value’.

In 2016, David joined forces with WM Capital Management to work with Chris Moore and his team thereby bringing additional expertise and oversight to the management of the fund.

David Stephenson continued to be the Lead Portfolio Manager for the TB Elite Strategic Fund until his passing in March 2020, when his colleague and friend Chris Moore was appointed in his place to oversee the management of the Fund.

Under David’s stewardship, the fund performed very well in both absolute, risk-adjusted and relative terms. His thoughtful and disciplined approach has created significant gains for our investors over the years and, under the guidance of Chris Moore and his team, David’s approach and shared beliefs in timeless values will continue. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke…

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